Do your feet need some TLC?

Do you suffer from painful corns? Have verrucas? Have difficulty cutting your toenails?
Sore feet? Struggling with hard skin? Unsightly nails?

We Fix Feet!

These are all conditions which can be treated by a Podiatrist (Chiropodist). At the Round House we offer a wide range of treatments, combined with foot care advice. Routine treatments for nail, callus and corn care include application of moisturising cream, to make your feet feel totally pampered.

Treatments Available

  • Nail Care
  • Callus Removal
  • Warm Wax Therapy
  • Orthotic (Insole) Provision
  • LCN Toenail Reconstruction
  • Lacuna Fungal nail treatment
  • Diabetic Foot Assessment
  • Foot Health Advice
  • Medical Pedicure (MediPedi)
  • Nail Surgery
  • New – Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment

  • Corn Removal

  • Verruca Treatment

Initial Assessment

45 minute appointment
All new patients are required to attend a new patient assessment. During this initial appointment, we will register your details, take a full medical history, and carry out a full assessment of your Podiatry needs. Treatment will also be carried out during this appointment where possible (Please note, we are unable to carry out treatments such as Medi Pedi/Medi Pedi Plus, Biomechanical assessments, Warm Wax therapy or Nail Surgery during an initial appointment due to time constraints. A separate appointment can be booked for these treatments at your convenience.

Routine Treatment

30 minute appointment
Includes medical nail cut, reduction of thickened nails, callus reduction, gentle removal and treatment of corns. Finished with an application of emollient, and aftercare advice.
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Express Treatment

15 minute appointment
To change a previously applied dressing, or to treat a single lesion such as one corn or toenail.
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Swift microwave verruca treatment

Swift is an innovative UK-developed technology which uses microwave energy delivered through a special probe to treat infected tissue. For more information, click here to see our dedicated page for Swift.

Standard Verruca Treatment

15 minute minute appointment
Assessment of lesions, removal of overlying callus where appropriate. Application of 60% Salicylic acid or silver nitrate (If needed). Advice on home treatments.
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Warm Wax therapy

45 minute minute appointment
Routine Podiatry treatment, followed by the application of a moisturising oil, heated paraffin wax, and the feet then wrapped in soft cotton boots. The warmth from the wax can help with conditions such as arthritic pain, chilblains, inflammation and dry skin.
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Medi Pedi/Medi Pedi Plus

60 - 75 minute appointment
A real treat for the feet! Routine podiatry treatment followed by cleansing and exfoliating of the skin, application of a moisturising foot mask, and the feet wrapped in hot towels. Ideal for very dry feet in need of some extra TLC. Upgrade to MediPedi Plus to include application of Drs Remedy nail polish.
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Fungal Nail Testing

From 5 minute appointments
Do you think you may have a fungal nail infection? We offer two varieties of in-house testing with results available from a minimum of 5 minutes.

Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment

Have you struggled to treat your fungal nails? Lacuna involves painlessly drilling microholes into the nail plate with innovative and specially designed burs. This enables a daily application of topical antifungal spray, applied at home, to directly reach the infected nail bed. Includes follow up at 6 weekly intervals.

Diabetic assessment

Annual foot checks and good footcare are essential to people who have diabetes. As well as routine treatments and foot maintenance, we can carry out in-depth foot assessments including Doppler circulation checks and sensory testing, alongside foot health advice. A copy of the assessment is sent to our GP.

Nail surgery

Removal of ingrown nails under local anaesthetic. Phenol application to prevent regrowth is optional. Package includes re-dressing aftercare appointments.

LCN Nail Reconstruction

A specialist acrylic designed for use on toenails, used to reconstruct damaged or fungal toenails.

Biomechanical assessment

Assessment of foot mechanics and the identification of causes of painful foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, and the prescription of orthotics if necessary.

Simple insoles

The provision of cushioning insoles to relieve pressure areas on the feet. Can be adapted to specific problems.

Prescription Orthotics

Shoe inserts designed to support and improve foot function and alleviate joint pain in the ankle, knee hip and lower back.

Home Visits

Up to 30 minutes in duration including medical nail cut reduction of thickened nails, removal of hard skin, gentle removal and treatment of corns as well as aftercare advice.

All treatments are carried out by an HPC Registered Podiatrist.

For further enquiries on treatments available, please contact us on Tel: 01484 607615